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Asshole's of the Month Award
Being that I still "observe" the chat room in silence...
I watch as some of the chatters in the room seem
to come across as pure idiots and assholes...
So, it prompted me to make up a page to display
these people and give them their just reward...
plain and simple..

This fellow gets "top billing"... permanently... since he's
proven himself to be the true "asshole" of all time..


37 yr. old male from Granbury, TX
He doesn't handle women who tease very well.
Instead, he gets drunk, stupid and slings barstools.
(If in doubt, just ask OverlyFriendly from the chatroom who received 8 stitches from his stupidity)
He's also suspected of tampering with computers. So ladies, be careful
allowing him any access to yours either in person or through IM.


46 yr old male from Houston
His profile reads that he wants a woman that knows what she wants in a man.
I guess he forgot that part when he mistreated the last one he was with
Seems his whole outlook and attitude changes with the more alcohol he consumes.
You'd think people like that could realize those things and get a handle on em.

jellyfishguts (23M)
aka: desirrous, falmira, salmeous

23 yr. old from San Antonio
Just another one of the usual leg humpers..
He's in telemarketing, which might explain his high pressure sales
on himself. A shame he can't handle rejection well..
He's not too bright either.. keeps posting his phone number in
the chat room... 210-330-5499.. Maybe posting it here will help him..

Or, maybe some of the "happy boys" will give him a call..!

aka: handsomelooker68

43 yr. old from Cypress
To the point that police were brought in on the matter.
Ladies, avoid contact with this person at all costs.


56 yr. old from Amarillo, TX
I personally met this person at a Houston party.
This was AFTER observing his actions in the room several times
which involved threatening to kick the ass of one of our fellow chatters.
After meeting him, it was easy enough to see that this person had no
possible means of kicking anyone's ass. I thought I'd see who he was in
person before placing judgement. At the party, I found him to be fairly polite.
Following the party, he was again back in the room talking even more shit.
I'm still trying to figure out if he's bi-polar, an alcoholic or, just plain stupid.
He claims in the room that previous things said were not said by him...
yet the things being said could only have been said by him being
at the party. Hell, even one of the female chatters that met him stated
"after being hugged by lancealot, I felt like I needed a shower"
He has also made statements in the room that he's a stud, has fucked
lots of gals from the chatroom and, never ever uses a condom. So girls.. beware,
this guy is bad news all around and should be chatted with, with caution..
and, by no means... never, ever met up with him one on one
(due to his mood swings) and, never ever.. sleep with him.

03/14/07 - lancealot openly admitted in the chatroom that he enjoys taking it in the ass..

04/20/07 - lancealots (56M) I admit I'm shallow and worthless, but.. oh [12:19 PM MDT]


A 52 yr. old from Alvin, TX
A true example of what happens when family members copulate...
with each other
He's rude, arrogant and suffers from little dick syndrome.
He has no idea how to approach a woman in a chat room.
He rudely attacks female chatters saying that all they are
after is a credit card number. Can y'all say...
Little dicked dude that got stiffed by a lot lizzard
He's a real winner for sure.. So, be sure to cock block
him in the chat room.. every chance you get..!
My bet goes on him being gay and looking for young
boys that are hung real heavy.


A real winner indeed. Gets pissed off and then calls the gals
"dumb cunts" when he gets turned down. What a man..!
Truly a big man behind the monitor there.. I'll lay odds he'd
never show at one of the parties for fear that one of the
gals would beat his sorry lil ass..!
Here's your sign dude


29 yr old from Georgetown
Dipshit just can't seem to get along with anyone.
Complains in his profile that all he gets is "auto-replies" to his emails.
Pays for a Gold Membership just to get turned down & iggied.
Thinking this dude must have a gay streak in him since the only
attention he seems to enjoy is the guys in the room jumping his ass.


19 yr old from Plano
A pickle puffing, submissive, inmature idiot.
Comes in the room, gets turned down, then proceeds to going
off on anyone & everyone. I guess he likes bashing the women
cuz his Momma didn't give him enough tit.. and, his Daddy must
have let him suck his pecker instead.. so, he's taken a liking to
pickle puffing instead...


36 yr. old from Houston
Poor bastard doesn't have a clue. He seems to think he can simply
walk into the chatroom and get laid. Then, he goes to name calling
when he gets turned down. For being his age, you'd sure think he
was still in high school. Guess he doesn't know that the gals talk
amongst themesleves and he's sure to be screwed now...
just not the way he was hoping for..!


38 yr. old idiot from Ft. Worth
Dipshit seems to think that the chat room is an insta-fuck location..
then, proceeds to go off on everyone when he finds out it isn't...


23 yr. old from White Oak, TX
Same prick... different handle..
A true redneck wannabe "hot stuff" Idiot..
Racist, ignorant, uneducated troublemaker


34 yr. old from Galveston, TX
On 01/10/07 @ around 7:30am, he openly admitted in the
chat room... that he is a registered sex offender.
Needless to say, he won't be getting the sort of attention that he may have wanted.

Beware ladies..!


NemisisEnforcer1, UnicronGuy, CoolCaptain23
, seagreen23, DepPrep

33/34 yr. old male from Keller, TX
Keeps coming up with new names to be able to chat.
Suffers from multiple personality cartoon character disorder.

Seems he just can't face up, be himself and fess up to his actions.
Instead, he chooses to hide amongst the chatters under new identities.
Can you say... consistant loser...?

Made the mistake of calling a couple of room regulars names.
Made another mistake in calling another one a fake (and I know the person).
Made a claim in the room that he did a 16 yr. old.
Now, he gets his own lil glory spot here on the page..
along with his pic which I chose for him (since he didn't wanna send me one)
His profile also states he's looking for "discreet" yet he claims to be single
is there something wrond with that picture..?
I'd be willing to bet he wants discreet.. so that his gay lover doesn't
find out what he's up to on here... just my thought, of course.


51 yr. old male from New Braunfels
He does nothing but complain while in the chatroom.
Seems his lil gold ball ain't getting him no action.. so,
he'd rather stir shit in the chatroom rather than chat normal.
Seems he doesn't wanna say what his sexual preference is either..
(maybe he's just mixed up and doesn't know if he wants to be a fulltime catcher)
Says he's in Houston area 2/3 days/night per week.. look out Houston, it's super asswipe.!


22 yr. old dipshit from The Woodlands, TX
Barely educated enough to find his way into chat.
So, you know how his conversation will go.
He's such a pretty boy.. you know he claims to be
straight.. but, with those posing looks and..
his actions towards women in chat..
you just know he's some guys bitchboy.
Bet he takes it up the ass real good too.


A 27 yr. old male from Stephenville, TX
A true whiner.! He hits on anything that moves in the chat room.
Hell, he's even willing to accept a BJ from a guy..!
The only thing his profile really says is.. he has a foot fetish..
I wonder if that includes things like hooves and such..?
He's also been accused of being a stalker type..!
Of course, looking at his pic.. makes ya wonder too..


28 yr. old from Arlington, TX
Another one of those arrogant types..
He doesn't get the attention he wants in the chat room..
he goes off calling names at the regulars.
Looking at his one liner profile tells a lot about him
Like, he's uneducated, arrogant and probably rode the short bus to school.
Communications is not a problem with him... as long as you don't mind
seeing him post the same stupid thing over & over in the chat room.
Of course, looking like this.. I dunno why he would be seeking any attention.


38 yr. old from Lewisville
A real winner when it comes to communication skills
He arrogant, conceited and.. even has a typo in his profile..
He fails to meet the chat standards of the TX women.
His pic makes him look like he's from the Oaklawn area.
Such a "pretty" boy.


A 27 yr. old from Ft. Worth
that for sure has not looked in the "mirror" in forever..
or, maybe he has and thus the "madness" portion of his screen name..
Arrogant in the chat room, thinks just cuz he has a gold ball
that his other balls mean something too..
Part of his profile reads...
"I'm nice, pretty easy to get along with, and like to have fun."
His actions and comments in the chat room... say different.

Now, tell me that ain't a perfect "prison, pretty boy" face there..!
Bet he loved having his hair pulled from behind..


48 yr. old from Kyle, TX
Doesn't have a lick of sense in his body.
Has no idea when to shutup and take some friendly advice.
Profile says he's attached but he's seeking a discreet thing
with either 2 males, a tranny or, whatever will hold still.
By the looks of his supplied pics.. I'd say.. with a dick like that
no wonder he's not too picky..!


A couple, 44 male/23 female from Canyon Lake, TX
SHE is obviously the one speaking for the two of them.
Comes into the room making statements about women's sizes
on AFF and then starts going off when confronted.
She's a lil bitch that has yet to realize some facts of life.
Mainly, keep your fucking mouth shut if you have
nothing but shit in it... in which case, she does.
btw.. that's a nasty looking pussy there and no tits.


36 yr. old male from Irving, TX
His profile reads:
"I'm your typical married guy (without sex) husband. I love my wife, but I have needs, too.
For me a perfect Friday night is a great dinner, a hot club,
then back to my place for more intimate activities."
Now, correct me if I'm wrong here... but.. his actions in the chatroom might indicate
just why he's not getting laid at home there. He goes off on a fellow chatter
after being asked by that chatter to leave her alone. He then goes off on anyone
coming to that chatters defense.. then, threatens to stalk..
Not to mention... he's married and fucking around on his wife..
he also mentions above that his ideal friday night involves going back to his
place... now, either he has a deaf & dumb wife.. or, he's possibly lying
and has already been tossed out of his home there.. whatcha think.?

cowboy2want, prorodeocowboy, kellercowboy

cowboy_2210 & blonde4blonde
& ftworthcowboy696

37 yr. old male from Ft. Worth.
On at least tow occassions, it seems he liked meeting them for
lunch/dinner/date etc. then, taking off leaving them stranded
with no ride... wondering where he went.
Word is.. he's also a meth user...
Not a good approach with the women here on AFF..! Bad Boy... Bad, Bad, Bad..!

Don't Mess With AFF Women...
They DO Communicate Amongst Themselves..!


26 yr. old male from El Paso, TX
Seems he likes to pick on some of the women in the chat room.
Maybe that's cuz he's really a pickle puffer looking for young boys
and the women are just getting in the way of his search..
I'm thinking since his profile says he's not too picky, that
he'll accept just about any age range of boys that'll let him
puff their pickle. A real winner we have here for sure..!


31 yr. old male from Cypress, TX
He's so proud of himself that he can't even post a face pic on his profile.
(So, I had to issue him one from my stock here)
Instead, he posts a dick pic and a female... unless, he's actually the
female in those pics..? Nah, she's too good looking to have the chatting
brain that was being used in the chatroom. He kept bugging a fellow
memeber even after being asked to move along. Then, went after other
members when they tried to advise him to move along.
He simply gets the idiot award for not having enough sense
to know how to chat properly in a chat room..


A 20 yr. old male from Dallas..
Looks more like he's from the Oaklawn area
If any of you gay fellows are looking for new meat...
you might wanna give this young fella a roll in the hay..
cuz there's not gonna be a pussy in the chat room for him now.!


A 31 yr old male from Austin, TX
He's another one of the usual troublemakers in the chat room.
He attacks women for no warranted reason... unless that is,
because he's a pickle puffer and hates all women. Looking at his picture,
I'm kinda leaning toward that opinion.


30 yr. old from Palestine, TX
Claims to be straight in his made up profile.. but, he sure seems to love the male
genders in the room. On top of that, he sure doesn't know the proper way to
approach a woman in chat. Maybe cuz he's too busy strokin' it and typing with one hand there.


37 yr. old from Sanger, TX
Crack smoking, pickle puffing asswipe.
Hasn't a clue how to conduct himself in chat.
The only thing he's really sure of is...
he loves his sheep... really, really good.!

Oh and, has a special thing for his other
farm animals as well, but two times them too.!
Notice he's hidden his face so the herd won't notice him..?


32 yr. old from Wichita Falls, TX
The poor boy never stood a chance in the chat room...
He made a statement about having a dick pic posted but not a face pic..

Well, that's all it took for some of the gals in there to go take a peek at his
so called "dick pic" and let him know exactly what they thought of it.
Now, if you're gonna post a dick pic on your profile.. be sure you can
handle any comments made to you about it... cuz, the gals in the
room will damn sure tell you their thoughts. My thoughts are though
seeing that this guy is "bi-curious.. anyone he gets with sure wouldn't
have to worry about being "ripped a new asshole" by the size of that lil ole thang..!


28 yr. old from London, TX err, no.. Dallas, TX err, no.. London, England
Aww Hell, I don't think he knows for sure where he's from..!

He claims to be educated.. yet doesn't know where he's from..?
His profile says "ample".. guess he thought they were asking about the
amount of BS he produces.. I will give him one thing though..
he is knowledgeable in the use of camera angles to make his
lil dick there look a lot larger than it actually is.. Now, if only
his brain could.. no wait, that IS his brain he took the pics of..!
And, did ya het a load of his mug shot..? can we say driver license pic..?


35 yr. old from Keller, TX
Claims to be "highly educated" on his profile, yet obviously skipped school
when the classes on "how to conduct ones self in chat" was taught.
He swarms on any female entering the room before they even have
the chance to make get settle. He claims to be straight but I'm betting
that with his love for sex toys.. he probably wouldn't know the difference
between a dildo and a real cock. And, he can't even put up a face pic
on his profile..? Hell, the one he supplied below probably came out of
a gay magazine that he scanned while stroking to it..!

DealMaker_, Commish4U, MisterMr_, _Blazer00, Felix0695

A pure asswipe from Two Harbors, MN
He blesses our TX room with his presence when he's been
partaking of too much alcohol.. at which point he attacks certain
people. His profile states he is 44 and from Duluth, MN.. But, sources
have it that he is actually 48 and from Two Harbors. He's one of those
guys you just have to wonder about... Is he interested in women.. or,
does he go out at night and stalk a few moose or elk..? Looking at his
pics.. I'd lean more toward the animalistic side of things.. IF they would
even have anything to do with him... I kinda doubt it though.
Oh and.. word has it he was a cocaine salesman and, a meth user
back in his 30's.. I wonder if that's what turned him into a nature lover..?


A 29 yr. old Nut Case from Groves, TX
Claims he's off his meds... Claims he's been suicidal...
Claims he's a virgin... Claims he's having probs finding the right lady
Well, no shit... with the way he goes off on women in the room when
they don't play into his game... even going so far as to wish that one
of the lady chatters contracts AIDS and he will revel at her burial.
Now, tell me... which one of you ladies wants some of his action..???


37 yr. old.. supposedly from Alto, TX
Podunk, backwoods born and bred. Has been rumored to go after really young girls and
probably does farm animals as well. Always says he lives in a different city and is only 30
minutes from whoever he is trying to stalk. His expertly written profile reads:

"Hi, I am looking for hot weman in Texas to have a lot of fun with.
If you think that this might be you, I would like it very much if you gave
use the oppertuity to get to know one another."


30 yr. old from Corpus Christi
say "prefer not to say" next to Sexual Orientation
so, we'll just label him as Gay, pickle puffer.
He's loud mouthed and lacks social skills.
He DID finally locate his CapLock key..
but, can't seem to find his dick with both hands.!
Male Endowment = Prefer not to say..
No wonder he has an attitude...
bet some women have larger clits than his pecker.!


31 yr. old that shows to be from CA.
Called one of our fellow chatters a Cunt after
he came onto her and she nicely told him no
and that she was not a latina...
One of those really fine mannered gentleman...
He then even gave her the name of his tattoo
shop down in Deep Ellum.. a pretty dumb
move since he doesn't know who the chatter
was that he did the name calling to..! lol


26 yr. old from Arlington
Talks and acts like an idiot in the room.
Of course, looking at his pic.. self explanatory..


36 yr. old from Schertz, TX
A true asswipe in the chat room...
Seems he is the one that got Elf's original handle permanently banned
Hasn't a clue as to chat room manners and, his actions in the room
make ya wonder just how "straight" his profile claims to be..


29 yr. old from Houston...
Claims to be military... but, has more so proven himself to be
an ass in the chat room. Does not know the word "respect".
Profile says he's willing to try anything..
wonder if that includes gay, animalistic acts with a bull..?
betting the bull might like that "tonguen"it's"ass thing for sure..!
He definitely needs some training...

hey... is that center pic a roll of toilet paper stuffed in his shorts..
or, is that one really hairy boob shot he has there..?


A 20 yr. old.. wet behind the ears youngster from Pharr, TX
Comes in the room wanting to talk about body sizes and health.
Must not have noticed what site he was on.. or else he'd have
been talking sex.... not health issues...
Worse yet, he's a paying silver ball member....
Wonder what that ball will get him after he pisses everyone off..!


Woman Abuser.... Nuff said..?


should also have the names:
alwaysanasshole, alwaysadickhead, alwaysanidiot

Has no clue as to how to act around women..
Has no clue as to how the Texas women communicate..
Has no clue how to converse in a chat room..

Damn, he just doesn't have... a clue..


25 yr. old (going on 10) from Flower Mound
Profile states:

"a cool, curtious, kind dfw
Mello, calm, but can party with the best of them..."

After observing his actions in the room...
I'd say he's either a very bad liar or,
his lil' brother got hold of his keyboard there.

aka: lickherquicker69

47 yr. old male from Bryan..
Just gotta LOL at this one...
He states he's divorced in his profile..
but, he asks that you be discreet.. and he'll do the same for you.
Says he's not interested in changing his life..
He sure sounds "attached" to me there...
(Not to mention... he hides his face in his pics posted)
Oh and, his sexual preference.. "prefer not to say"

Careful guys...


30 yr. old from Jackson Mississippi
Comes into the Texas chat room and get's pissed when
caught trying to send an unwanted, private message
to a fellow female chatter. Then, goes off with name
calling when the female chatter posts his
message in the room for all to see...

Don't mess with Texas women..!


38 yr. old from Irving. Claims to be straight in his profile...
but, is constantly posting in the room (broken record style)
that he's looking for guys to come over and "watch porno"
with him and drink a brew... so, whatcha think..?
I guess he's to shy to show his actual face on his profile..
but, he's awfully proud of his lil' pet we see...
awwww..... ain't it cute...!


You'd think at being 45 yrs. old... that this person would get a clue
as to chat room etiquette... But, noooooo... this poor fellow doesn't
have a clue. Maybe he'll realize in time.. before everyone iggy's him.

DaddyKittenKlein (C)

36 yr. old male portion of the couple known for suggesting that some of us chatters are a
clique and don't like outsiders. That's not true at all... We just don't like smart asses
& dumb asses..! Goes off in the room proclaiming he's insane. Now. just how
many folks would really want anything to do with someone like that..? Profile says they
are seeking only couples or bifems... but, he lists himself as being bisexual..
so, be careful guys.. *grabs butt cheeks*

are you petite

A 30 yr. old from Little Elm with a very descriptive profile..
"Once upon a time in a land far far away I was hatched. then I grew
up and discovered my wanker. Is that 50 characters yet?"
"I think this site is full of ads and pictures of professionals who get paid to drive
traffic (men) to it. So if anyone is real and can prove me wrong...go for it.
I think "hatched" is his key word on the profile. He belittles women in the
chatroom and makes comments on their sizes... Maybe he needs
to stick to just getting all the bots contacting him..


25 yr. old from Round Rock
Just another one so full of shit...
it runs from his mouth each time he chats.
Goes off on the women in the room
thinking he's "all that" and then some.
I'm thinking he must have had 2 helpings
of the cereal above..!


26 yr. old from Dallas. His famous last words that got him onto this page were...
" just here to piss people like you off who have nothing else to look foward to in life."

& luke23hottie

Yep, yet another one of those... young, dumb & full of cum persons..
A 24 yr. old living in Flower Mound.. Says he's looking for women or couples...
But, my money is betting on he's a little fruity
and is in search of a weenie to play with.
Hasn't the slightest clue how to act in a chat room...
likes to take jabs at the seasoned chatters...
Can't spell worth a shit...
Maybe he needs to hang it up for a few years..


A true 28 yr. old dipshit from the State of California..
Comes into the Texas room talking shit..
probably cuz the CA room kicked him out.!
The way he acts, ya just know he's gotta be a pickle puffer.!


40 yr. old from Sherman
Observing his actions in the room...
I guess he figures just cuz he gave
himself a tough name...
that he's all that..
Have you seen his pics..?
Looks like he's carrying a load in his shorts..
and, it's not "the beef" kind..!

Looks like he must use a piece of rope to floss with too....


38 yr. old from Lubbock, TX
(just being from Lubbock should tell ya something)
He claims to be "very outgoing & open minded"
yet, from his actions in the chat room.. you'd never know it.
He also claims to be straight.. but, can you say "fudge packer"
It's no wonder he's in the room picking on folks...
with his pictures shown below, You can't tell which is the real

aka verythick4u9

WangDngSwtPutang (Karen) said it best...
"that fucktard is in virginia.. god damn hillbilly inbreed butt fucker"
28 yr. old from VA...
Obviously prefers male companions..
cuz, he sure can't be looking for any females
they way he goes off on them in the room..
Can you say... deprived Titty Baby


22 yr. old from Missouri City, TX...
profile says..
"im an outgoing adventurous open- minded human looking to have as much
fun as i can before i die! i love all types of things from music to sports to just
about everything S.E.X.! OOPS DID I SAY THAT?

(Thinking the use of the word "human" in his profile was incorrect)
Ideal Person:

(Thinking the only thing he'd be willing to share is maybe so crabs
while spending time down on Montrose in Houston)

He's abusive to the women in the chat room... so,
I'm betting he really prefers his friends down on
Montrose... than a female... any day...


28 yr. old male from Austin, TX
profile says..
im an easy going and open minded guy who likes to try new things when ever
and where ever i am dont matter i have a high sex drive and can last for hours
but if you dont believe me then messege me and maybe we can talk

(Easy going is sure not the way he comes across in the room..
As far as "lasting for hours.. I wonder if he means his vulgar language)

Ideal Person:
hello ladies im looking for no strings play fun my girl just broke up with me
and im feeling a little lonely so if you can help let me know

(Now, I wonder just why his girlfriend broke up with him..?
Ya think maybe is could have been from his abusive ways..?)


29 yr. old from Grand Prairie area..
Possible Stalker...? Anyone got some input on this one..?

He's an idiot that doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut..
He's been invited to attend any and all functions...
to be able to meet up with, face to face..
those in which he's been calling names to...
yet, this lil chicken shit, young punk ass...
fails to show each time...


39 yr. old male, presently in Minnesota.
He seems to move around a lot.. Maybe that's
cuz he pisses off the locals and has to relocate..!
He talks down about over weight people and in
general... has the manners of an inbreed...
Looking at his hair style... he kinda looks like
he just came outta them thar hills, where he's
been tormenting all the local animals...
The boy says he's looking for women...
but, what ya wanna bet he co starred
as a stand in... in Deliverance...
bet he squealed real good too..!


A 28 yr. old male from Salado
Claims to like women... but, his actions in the room
say otherwise.. since he seems to have some hormonal
issues when it comes to chatting with those women.
He tends to run hot & cold on them...
Maybe their rejection gives him flash backs
of when his Momma titty broke him too early
Who really knows.....


Likes to picks fights with anyone that has a screen name
containing the word "greek" in it... and is not from Greece
was observed on 1/30 doing just that... to a long time
chatter of the room... greekphreak...

dallasgreek... it in my pleasure to bestow this award to you..

grow up...


A 37 yr. old self described "coon-ass" from Houma, Louisiana
Ain't got a lick of sense when it comes to chatting
with the ladies... Must be his down home, out back
upbringing... His profile reads...
"i am 5'9 215 pounds i have black hair black eyes, i have a average size penis, but taking penis pills to get bigger. i am part of the mafia my father and a billionaire offshore sueing attorney runs the town that i am from. no i am not lying, people in town know who i am, born and raised in houma. la i work out with weights thats why i say i am athletic and exercise."

Ideal Person:
blond, nice boobs, fine butt, if she is instered in anal sex,
i guess it is all right. it does not matter if she is blond or not.

Now tell me... doesn't he sound just like someone from the swamps..?


A couple from Ft. Worth... seems the 36 yr old
male portion of this couple must be getting his ass chewed
at home... cuz he's in the chat room raising Hell with all the
females in there... showing no class at all. And then he
wonders why he can't get laid...? Get a grip dude...
(maybe of yourself... cuz that's the only action you'll be getting)


A 33 yr. old male from Bedford...
Claims to be attractive enough for most women...
yet doesn't seem to know the first thing about respect
due to those women... Since he was observed calling
the women in the chatroom "AFF Cunts"
and adding in slang nationality remarks...
Dude, get a clue... the ladies of the chatroom
talk amongst themselves... you disrepect
one of them... you disrepect them all...
and at that point, you're left playing with yourself..


A 26 yr. old male from Ft. Worth...
He seems to think he's in Gremany..
Has no sense on chat room behavior..
Thinking maybe his tats & piercings
have affected his brain cells...
Another one of those that proclaims
he wants a woman... but, I'm thinking
he really wants a male to...
Sprechen HIS Deutsches


Was private messaging every gal in the room claiming to be
a pimp and promising them “the good life”…
He then began threatening saying he was getting
on a plane and coming to kill the “bitches”.

Sounds like someone that is pissed off at women cuz
his mommy didn't give him enough tit to suck on...


A 29 yr. old male from London...
Enters the room going off on everyone, typing in CAPS..
Must think the show "Dallas" is still running here...
He's married and wants "no strings sex"..
Sounds more like he needs a gal with a strap-on..


Damn, a couple has now made it to this page...
It had to have been the "male" portion of the couple
that was observed being a bit of an asshole in the room.
It seems being turned down by a 49 yr. old woman..
didn't sit well with his 39 yr. old ass...
He also needs to work on the spellchecker
there on his profile... show some intelligence..!
Word just in...
even his girlfriend/wife left him...
does that tell you anything..?


A 27 yr. old male from San Antonio...
Has a well wriiten profile... except,
someone else had to have written it for him...
cuz, he doesn't show that same intelligence in the room.!
Talks about how dumb folks are on the site...
yet he's the one that paid for a membership.. lol


A 33 yr. old male from Houston that doesn't have a lick of sense...
Nor does he have the slightest idea what respect is..
Can't seem to contain his verbal abuse in a chat room...
Thinking maybe he's one of those stating he's looking
for a woman... when in reality what he really seeks
is a man that will take control over him..


That's how this person entered the room when observed...
Can you say "total fucking dumbass"..?
You'd think someone that was 46 yrs. old would have
a little more common sense than that... wouldn't you..?
Some people just think that "they're all that"
when the fact is... they're no shit...
Thinking that mrbigstuff0072 falls into the
latter catagory here...


Describes himself as...
Tall dark handsome, yes that old cliche - but pretty accurate.

Also sarcastic as hell.
More like ASSHOLE from Hell... or, New Zealand at least..!
Anthoer one of those that enters the room, thinking it's
gonna be an insta-fuck for him and his closest friend "Rosie"...


A 50 yr. old peckerhead from El Paso..
who doesn't has the slighest conception
of chatroom etiquette. Comes across as a
real dweeb in his profile text.

(looks more like he's trying to sell himself)
Of course, with his looks... he has to..


Well, he picked 2 correct words in his handle...
College, because he is at college
and boy, because he lacks the common sense of a man.
He's a 19 yr. old, wet behind the ears, (probably a faggot too) young punk...
Since he he isn't mature enough to carry on and adult
conversation in the chat room... he says stupid things
instead... figuring that's the best thing he can do to get attention..

Any of you strong macho gay boys out there wanna
suck my short stick and poke my tight ass...?


Doesn't know how to properly carry on a conversation in the chat rooms...
and... likes to send network invites to other male members
beware guys...!


45 yr. old funny boy from LaPorte, IN...?
what's he doing in the TX chat room...?
did he run out of gay guys up there..?


23 yr. old idiot from Spring...
last seen running off at the mouth
bashing the women of the TX chat room..
looks like yet another case of small penis envy..!
or, maybe he really does NOT like women...
watch your butts around this one guys...!


27 yr. old from Virginia no less..
I'm betting he pissed off all the folks up there..
so, he had to go outside his own area to stir
up new stuff. Little did he know, the Texas
group doesn't take to his sort on here...
marital status = "prefer not to say"....
wanna bet he's married and his wife kicks his
ass... so, he comes online to attack others
to get his satisfaction..?


Yet another one added to this page...
and, one who "prefers not to say" if he's
married or not... I think it's been decided
that this one is a bit on the gay side...
since he tends to go in the room attacking
the women... So guys, watch your backside
there when this one is around... he might try
slipping one to you


Another one of those "out of state" visitors who must
have worn out their welcome at their own location.
This one is 29, from Newport News, Virginia who acts
like he's young, dumb and full of cum... It's just a
shame he doesn't have the mentality to go along with it.
His profile shows "prefer not to say" under his
Marital Status... wanna bet that's why he
didn't bother to post a photo as well.?


Another one of these people that like to enter the room...
not know the first thing about chat room etiquette and
start off typing in all CAPS... then, starts attacking
other members and wanting to see pictures of other guys...
Sounds like someone us other guys need to keep an eye on...
and, don't let him slip up behind ya...!